Albert Haynesworth Isn’t Acting like a Team Player for Redskins

The Washington Redskins put together a good off-season, highlighted by acquiring quarterback Donovan McNabb, hiring Mike Shanahan as the team’s new head coach, and the changing defensive coordinators to Jim Haslett. Even though the additions look good, some players are unhappy that Jim Haslett will change the defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Albert Haynesworth is the player most upset, and he’s shown his unhappiness by not showing up for the team’s voluntary minicamp.

Haynesworth has missed two voluntary minicamps already and his teammates are upset he’s not been around. Redskins’ defensive end Phillip Daniels expressed his feelings on the matter to Mike Wise of The Washington Post:

“There is no room for negotiation at 4-12. I’m here, [London] Fletcher’s here, everybody’s here. He’s got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games. He should definitely be here. And it’s a shame he’s not.”

Haynesworth is acting unprofessionally and selfishly in my opinion. When you are part of a team, it isn’t about you being unhappy about the new defensive structure. He isn’t being paid $100 million to sit at home while the rest of his team learns their new formations. I know that this is a “voluntary” minicamp, but with all the changes that happened this off-season for the Redskins, it only seems logical for everyone to show up. Haynesworth has such a big impact on this defense that if he’s not willing to carry his weight in all of this, we are going to see a defensive mess for the Redskins come September.

Teammates to Albert Haynesworth: You should be at Redskins Park [The Washington Post]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I see Haynesworth’s side here. He doesn’t like the change in the defense and he wouldn’t have signed there last year if they were running a 3-4. It’s not unlike a pocket passing quarterback transferring schools in college when the school changes to the spread offense. The difference is Haynewsworth was paid a ton of money by the Redskins. If they could work out a financial deal where maybe Haynesworth buys his freedom I think that would be the most fair solution.

  • Gene

    Haynesworth took the money and signed his contract, which did not include a clause about which defense would be played. Until a deal along the lines suggested by LB is made, he has an obligation to show up to minicamps and be a good teammate. Incidentally, that time of positive behavior will probably increase the list of teams which might be interested in trading for his services.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    If he wasn’t set for life after signing a huge contract, he’d already be at mini-camp studying the new defense. There’s only one side in this discussion…Haynesworth needs to be with the team and taking a leadership role.