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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Andy Reid Might Have a Heart Attack on the Podium One Day

I’ve grown increasingly worried about the health of Eagles coach Andy Reid the past month. Every single weekend I listen on his post game press conferences and the man has more and more difficulty getting through the task. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s worn out from coaching a game, mindful of his words, or just in really bad physical shape, or some combination of the three. Seriously, turn up the volume and watch this Andy Reid press conference and tell me this guy isn’t on a collision course to meet his maker if he doesn’t get into better shape. Check it:

That guy was laboring through the conference like a left-handed specialist trying to get out Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back-to-back. You hear how hard he was breathing? He has to take like three seconds between syllables. I guess it’s not too surprising for someone who used to have Tommy’s burgers over-nighted to him in Philly and who has a pretty important job, but still, I’ve never seen it that bad. Then again, I haven’t heard too many Mark Mangino press conferences. You have to wonder if an extra 20 minutes on the gameplan might not be better spent on a treadmill.

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