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Monday, May 21, 2018

Antonio Cromartie: I’m a Better Playmaker than Nnamdi Asomugha

Come week 15, the Jets and Eagles will square off in a game that will feature two of the NFL’s best cornerbacks on the same field. In fact, every game that the Eagles play this season will feature two of the game’s best corners — Nnamdi Asomugha and Asante Samuel. As we all know, Antonio Cromartie believes he belongs in that discussion as well.

When the Raiders released Asomugha from his contract this past off-season, he immediately became the biggest name on the free agent market.  Rex Ryan and the Jets wanted him so badly that they even had Adam Sandler attempt to recruit him.  Cro was the backup plan — an expensive four-year, $32 million backup plan, but a backup plan nonetheless.  Still, Cromartie believes he is better at making plays than Asomugha.

“My style of play and his style of play are totally different,” Cromartie told Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com. “I feel I’m more of a playmaker than he is.”

Antonio is taller and longer which may allow him to make some plays that Asomugha could not make, but most of the plays Cro makes are negated by how frequently he finds himself out of position.  The Raiders were said to have made a strong play for Cromartie this off-season, but who haven’t they made a strong play for?  Cromartie intercepted Luke McCown twice last weekend, but as Shutdown Corner pointed out that is nothing to be proud of. If calling himself better than Asomugha at something helps him sleep at night, more power to him.

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