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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bad Karma for Ocho Cinco?

I love Ocho Cinco. He’s my favorite player in the NFL. But he definitely is a whack job, and he did hurt his shoulder on Sunday. And in other news, Ocho Cinco was creating some odd headlines last week. Here are some stories I didn’t get a chance to touch on because of the server-attack but still wanted to share with you. Chad Johnson said he legally wanted to change his name to Ocho Cinco. Wow. As if that wasn’t enough, he also said that he could beat Michael Phelps in the pool. I understand his point — there could be some dude chilling in Zimbabwe who can throw 98mph but we just wouldn’t know about it. Still, saying he could beat Phelps is quite a stretch.

I’ve already expressed to you my affection for gymnast Alicia Sacramone, so needless to say I was pretty defensive when Andrea Joyce verbally berated her with incessant questioning following Sacramone’s screw-ups in the team event. Joyce’s line of questioning showed how heartless, senseless, and ill-prepared she was for the interview. Does Joyce take pride in trying to make a 20-year-old amateur gymnast cry? Sure seems like it to me. NBC should be ashamed of that callous display.

A few months ago I passed on news that the longest running sports talk show — Mike and the Mad Dog — could be done at WFAN in New York. That day came last week. Evan Cohen is a host at ESPN 760 in Palm Beach and a die-hard Mike and the Mad Dog fan. I had the pleasure of working with Evan when he hosted at Fox Sports Radio and was touched when reading his reflections on his favorite show ending. It’s one of the best tributes I’ve read and can really give you an idea of how influential Mike and the Mad Dog were.

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