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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bill Belichick Only Coach Who Blew off Media Breakfast at Owners Meetings

Prepare yourselves for one of the most shocking tales you will ever read here on LBS.  On Tuesday morning, the NFL asked that every team’s head coach meet with members of the media during a one-hour breakfast before proceeding with their daily schedule at the owners meetings.  Of the 32 head coaches in the NFL, 31 showed up to the voluntary breakfast to entertain the media’s questions.  That leaves only one missing coach.  That coach was — brace yourselves — Bill Belichick.

According to Shalise Manza Young, the Patriots coach showed up after 8 a.m. (the scheduled start time for the media breakfast), poked his head into the ballroom where it was being held, and continued walking.  Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald later added that Belichick walked out of a meeting on proposed rule changes later in the day and said, “Sorry I overslept this morning.”  When he was told he missed a good meal, the coach responded, “Do I look undernourished.”

Overslept, huh?  One of the most meticulous men in all of sports waking up even a second later than he wanted to?  Somehow I don’t believe that.  One thing I do want to congratulate Belichick on is successfully emerging as one of the biggest dicks in sports over the years.  Honestly, could he be any better at it?  Everything the guy does just radiates f-you.  He may not like the media, but the same is true for most coaches in sports.  Belichick hates them, wants you to know about it, and wants you to know that he knows there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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