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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Brandon Jacobs refunds 6-year-old Giants fan with an added bonus

Remember earlier this month when we shared with you the story of the 6-year-old Giants fan who sent the contents of his piggy bank — $3.36 in total — to new 49er Brandon Jacobs in an effort to convince the bruising running back to return to the Giants? It was a story that made everyone say, “Awww!”

Well, the awww-ness came full circle this week when Jacobs returned the $3.36 to young Joseph Armento of New Jersey and included interest by throwing in a signed Giants helmet and also a ballin’ time at a nearby bounce house facility for him and his brother. From the Sacramento Bee:

Jacobs was touched by the gesture and told Armento’s mother, Julie, that he would be in New Jersey for a short time this week while he packed up his belongings and moved his family to the Bay Area. He thought his original idea for a meeting place, Chuck E. Cheese, might cause too much of scene. So they settled on a bounce house.

Jacobs, 29, brought his five-year-old son, Brayden, and the four kids – Jacobs included – played non-stop for nearly two hours. No one even took a water break.

A 6-foot-4, 266-pound NFL player running around with little kids in an indoor play place? Now that would be a sight to behold.

“He told me he really wanted to get out there with the kids,” Julie Armento told the Bee. “He really wanted to enjoy it, and he did. It was amazing.”

“It was just us in the whole place and we were just going room to room – just bouncing and flipping all over the place, hitting each other with balls, sweating, our shirts filthy,” Jacobs said. “We were just dirty, stinky boys, you know?”

Can’t say that I do. But still kudos for the stand-up gesture.

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