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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Brett Favre: I got knocked out cold on the last play of my career

Brett-Favre-sackWhether you grew to hate Brett Favre or not down the final stretch of his career, you have to admit his consecutive games played streak was impressive. Favre played in 16 regular season games through the first 19 years of his career before an injury kept him out of the Minnesota Vikings’ last few in 2010.

You know it had to be something serious for Favre to allow his streak to come to an end the following week, and it certainly was from the sound of it.  Favre recently told “BaD Radio” on KTKC in Dallas that he was knocked out cold on the final play of his career against the Chicago Bears.

“It was the only time in my career where I was actually completely out,” Favre said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “It was 10-15 seconds. … The guy didn’t even hit me, he pushed me. I threw the ball and the field was, of course, solid ice. It was like concrete, and he just pushed me and I slip, fall, and nothing hurt.

“Hit the left side of my head, and the next thing I remember I was snoring as our trainer’s kind of shaking, saying, ‘You OK?’ And as I got up and shook the cobwebs off, I remember looking at our trainer Suge (Eric Sugarman) and saying, ‘Suge, what are the Bears doing here?’ He’s like, ‘Ah, come over here with me, buddy.’”

Favre, who said that he was banged up and probably shouldn’t have been playing in the game to begin with, said he knew at that moment that his career was probably over.

“When I kind of started figuring it out as I was getting to the sidelines, I thought, ‘Now, if there was ever a time where the writing is on the wall, this is it,’” he explained. “It may be a little too late for the cumulative damage that you’ve done. Now it’s probably a little too late to say, ‘OK, now is when I’m going to save my body.’ Went in, took a shower, got some hot cocoa, got a hot dog and said, ‘That’s it. I’m going to watch the next two or three.’”

Forgive us for being skeptical that your career was actually over at that moment, Brett. It wouldn’t be the first time you came out of retirement.

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