Brian Urlacher: I don’t care about the fans or the media

Chicago Bears fans were understandably frustrated after their team lost to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday for the second time this season. At the time being, the Bears are on the outside looking in at the NFC playoff picture. They got off to a 7-1 start this year before losing five out of their last six. During their loss to Green Bay, the boos began raining down at Soldier Field.

In addition, some critics are calling for head coach Lovie Smith to be replaced. Brian Urlacher finds this to be ridiculous.

“Our crowd was pretty good today for the most part,” Urlacher said Sunday during his weekly appearance on Fox Chicago. “They were loud for a minute there. The boos were really loud, which is always nice. The only team in our division to get booed at home is us. It’s unbelievable to me.

“It’s not going to change. If we talk about it, then the media says, ‘You’re blaming the fans for losing. You’re doing this. You’re blaming the refs for losing.’ We lost that football game. Every football game we play in, we lose, it’s nobody’s fault but ours, but we’re allowed to say what we want.”

Urlacher was obviously speaking with sarcasm and frustration. Most players spend time talking about how their team has the best fans in the nation, but the 13-year veteran sounds like he has had enough of the criticism that comes with a big market like Chicago.

“Two of the people I don’t care about, fans or the media,” Urlacher said. “They can say what they want to about our head coach, about our players. It does bother me because those people don’t know what they’re talking about, obviously.

“I know there are a bunch of experts in the media, and there are a bunch of smart guys out there who know exactly what they’re talking about all the time. But they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Jay Cutler knows what it’s like to get frustrated with Bears fans, but that’s what happens when you play for a franchise that has a storied history like the one Chicago has. Perhaps the problems this season stem from injuries like the one to Urlacher. Maybe Cutler’s play has been too inconsistent. Maybe the coaching has been an issue.

In reality, the Bears’ recent struggles have probably been caused by a combination of things. If players want to stop hearing negative things from fans and the media, they have to win some games. When you lose five out of six — including two to your biggest rival — everyone needs to be held accountable.

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  • Tony_Mosca

    Hey Urlacher, you hate the fans and the media? Where do you think the millions of dollars come from that pay your salary?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T43FXYMRQNHFVWDZDSZHMSNVBM Hoss

    If you want the fans to stop booing you can do one thing: stop sucking. The Bears have to be one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. Of course, as long as the Bears have Lovie at the helm I think it’s going to be year after year of continued disappointment.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LJ4BFP5G42A2G3KE5I4W5YGNPM John

    That’s all correct except the part of the Bears having a storied history.  The Bears HAD a storied history.  HAD.  The Bears have been an also-ran for quite a while.  The 1985 Bears were one of the best teams ever.  (Most current Bears were not even born in 1985).  Since 1985, the Bears have won a few playoff games.  (A FEW).   They also went to the SB about 6 years ago.  (I don’t feel like looking up the Indy – Chicago AB date), where they lost.  Note that their QB that day is widely regarded as one of the worst QBs ever to start a SB.  Recently, the Bears offense is mundane and predictable.   Cutler to Marshall will only get you so far.  This year the Bears will go from 7-1 to not making the playoffs.  Storied History?  Yes.  They HAD a storied history.  They do NOT HAVE a storied history.  They are ONE of a handful of teams with ONE SB victory.  (Saints, Jets, Bears, Buccaneers, Ravens, Rams).  Many NFL teams have more SB victories.  (Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Packers, Giants, Raiders, Redskins, Broncos, Dolphins, and even the Patriots).  Over the course of the past 25 years, you could make a case for the Bears being SLIGHTLY above average.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LJ4BFP5G42A2G3KE5I4W5YGNPM John

    Tony “the fly”:

    It comes from television revenue and advertising.  A small portion of the money used to pay player salaries comes from stadium ticket revenue.

  • Tony_Mosca

    Tell me, why do the networks pay so much to broadcast the games & companies pay so much to advertise during the game? If there weren’t any fans they wouldn’t pay the money.