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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ochocinco Sends the Stinky Ravens Defense some Deodorant

chad.dont.fine.meBengals sideshow wide receiver Chad Ochocino is known for running his big mouth and pulling stunts on and off the field. When I say off the field, I don’t mean getting into trouble with the law — I mean stirring up controversy with opposing teams. A few years ago Ocho had a chart of all the opposing cornerbacks who would be guarding him and he would keep track of which ones he burned. He also is known for sending packages to opposing defenses, a practice he replicated this week prior to the game with Baltimore. Ocho says he sent Fabian Washington, Dominique Foxworth, Ed Reed, Dawan Landry, and company gift baskets that included some deodorant so that they didn’t sweat all day. While Ocho is saying that’s what it’s for, I was guessing it has a duel purpose to also let them know they stink.

Even though the Bengals have the better record and already beat the Ravens in week five, I’m skeptical about their chances once again. It took a few key penalties on an improbable drive for the Bengals to win last time so odds are it will be another close game. The bright side is that the Bengals had an extra week to prepare for the game so they should be all set and rested for the contest. Putting the outcome aside, I’m just hoping for both teams to have success running the ball; I have both Ray Rice and Cedric Benson gunning for me in the Coors Light Fantasy Football League. Going against me though is that Dewey at the Right Brain blog said bench Ced this week, only I don’t have any other options.

Getting back to Chad, it’s sad to see so many analysts have to eat crow regarding his performance this year. I guess they didn’t realize Carson Palmer got hurt last year and missed almost the entire season, leaving the injured Ochocinco stuck with an incapable Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback. All those analysts must have forgotten about Chad’s five straight Pro Bowl years prior to last year.

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