Cowboys Fan Teaches Son How to Burn Tony Romo Jersey (Video)

The concept of jersey burning has become such a common practice in sports that it has lost any originality it once had.  Fans now burn jerseys when a player switches teams or chokes in a big game.  They burn jerseys to forget the past or to express displeasure with a draft pick.  However, there can still be a first time for everything — even when it comes to setting jerseys on fire.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has ever been a video of an angry fan teaching his extremely young son how to light a player’s jersey on fire.  That’s why we have Cowboys fans.  Check out this video of a cowboys fan teaching his son how to burn a Tony Romo jersey, courtesy of Los That Sports Blog via Black Sports Online:

That is messed up.  No, not how annoying the kid’s laugh is.  I’m talking about the fact that his old man is teaching him how to play with matches and lighter fluid.  If you think this kid isn’t going to steal a bottle of butane and start lighting crap on fire with his friends now you don’t remember what it was like to be 10 years old.  He would probably be better off learning from Dirk Nowitzki than his insane Cowboys fan dad.

H/T to SI Hot Clicks for the story.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K6ASP3234JKVXRXCDMOZFK554A Diego

    That was lame. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ISUJXFGYE3HCHTP2SVYQNBSOLI TRUTH

    Dad and son both morons and look like 2 stupid geeks. IT’S A TEAM SPORT. Apparently you don’t know that.

  • Jacob Wilson

    But the quarterback controls how many points you make and how you play. I’m wishing Tebow could help us us Cowboy fans out. if anybodys reading this *COUGH* Cowboys Management.

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.langford2 Teresa Langford

    What kind of good parent teaches his child how to be destructive.  What a unbelievable moron and idiot.  If you don’t like the team, fine, explain why but don’t teach your child public demonstrations of destruction and them put them online.  I think I would worry about the little guy burning down my house when he  becomes a disgruntled teenager.  Karma sucks ya know!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZL6KMO4SX6GZHCRGAJKQGGTRUM James

    This guy is a fool. Cowboys would’ve won 3 more games this year if Fat Rob’s D could get a fn stop on 3rd down!!! Romo had a career year, lost his #1 WR and RB to injury and had zero defensive help. “Fans” like this guy make me sick to stomach. Someone should burn him.

  • Troy Allison

    yeah – the GM making a crappy line and giving away #1 draft picks for dog#%#@ receivers wouldn’t have any blame in losses.  Last I checked, Romo had 30 TDs and <10 ints + 4000 yds and a 102 rating (top 5 in last 3 seasons).  With this defense and crappy oline, other QBs wouldn't be able to get to a "clutch" moment – they'd be blown out.  idiot

  • Troy Allison

    maybe that’s not a bad idea – natural selection has its benefits.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t spread to someone else’s house.

  • Troy Allison

    Now, if that had been a Mike Vick jersey…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WPFT37AJ62DF2XDNXW5ODEMDUY Stoffs

     The fact that you mentioned “Tebow” and “helping” in the same sentence when it comes to football makes you automatically stupid.