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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fan orders Tom Brady Fathead, gets Tim Tebow instead

What would you do if you were all geared up to hang a brand new Tom Brady Fathead in your office and Fathead got your order wrong? You would probably be pretty disappointed, but would you be more upset or less upset if the mistake led to this guy?


The person who ordered the Brady Fathead, Reddit user FrigidCoke, was pretty ticked over the order.

“Ordered a Tom Brady fathead for my new office. Opened up the package and got this. You’ve gotta be f-ing kidding me,” FrigidCoke wrote on Reddit.

Fathead says they made up to the fan by sending the person all 13 Tom Brady Fatheads they have.

Over a year ago when people were ordering custom Tim Tebow Jesus jerseys¬†and hanging billboards on behalf of him, this probably would have gone over much better. Given the current circumstances, that’s nothing shy of a cruel joke.

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