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Monday, June 18, 2018

Greg Jennings Fumbled But Call Was Not Overturned (Picture)

Greg Jennings appeared to lose a fumble during the first quarter of the Giants-Packers playoff game, but the refs ruled him down and a challenge was upheld. After maintaining possession, the Packers proceeded to score a touchdown to tie the game at 10.

Both Joe Buck and Troy Aikman thought the call should have been overturned. So did former VP of Officiating, Mike Pereira.

“To me the ball is being ripped out,” Pereira explained on the telecast. “There was indecision on the field when they made the call initially, so there was some question there. It is a judgment call .. but if I was under the hood, I would have reversed this to a fumble with a clear recovery by the Giants.”

If the Packers end up winning the game, many people will point to the blown call as one of the turning points in the game. The decision not to overturn the initial ruling conceivably cost the Giants seven points.

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