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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kyle Vanden Bosch is the Greatest Football Player of All-Time

Or at least that’s what his offensive coordinator thinks.  We knew Kyle Vanden Bosch was pretty good, and his 11 tackles from the defensive end position against the Bears last weekend certainly confirmed that.  Is he a Hall of Famer?  I think not.  Is Vanden Bosch one of the greatest players to ever play the game? Absolutely not.  Don’t tell Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham that.

I’ve coached this game a long time and I’ve coached some really good players, a few of them are in the Hall of Fame,” Cunningham said. “But Kyle is the best football player I’ve ever been around in my life. You can talk about stats and sacks, but put on the tape and watch that game. It was the most unbelievable effort I’ve seen in 30 years of coaching by any position player.”

Obviously Cunningham has a man crush and was gushing about a guy after a great performance, but it says a lot about the 10-year veteran’s commitment.  He may not belong in the Hall of Fame, but in an era where it seems like there’s more Batman and Robin characters and players who whine about their contract, it’s nice to know there’s still players out there who just want to play football.

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