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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Here’s a Tom Brady Doll that Looks Nothing Like Tom Brady (Pictures)

Someone over at Bleacher Creature Toys must have been high when they tackled the Tom Brady doll design.  The Boston Herald shared their website with us on Saturday, and if you stroll on over you’ll see that there are quite a few dolls that look like the people they are intended to look like.  The site’s banner features a Chase Utley doll and a Tim Lincecum doll — both of which are pretty accurate — alongside the Brady doll.  Apparently Tom is a tough guy to recreate in toy form.

Now that Brady has a fresh new haircut, this doll is a complete swing and miss.  The good news is that if Andy Dalton grows his hair out a bit, the manufacturers can slap a Bengals jersey on this toy and they have themselves a new product.

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