JJ Watt mocks discount double check after sacking Aaron Rodgers

Houston Texans defensive star JJ Watt sacked Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night, and he made an even louder statement by mocking the MVP’s touchdown dance.

Watt muscled down Rodgers on a second-and-nine play in the first quarter of the Texans-Packers game and did the Rodgers “discount double check.” Watt pretended to throw the invisible wrestling title belt on the ground before doing a salute, which really ignited the crowd at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

If you’re wondering about Rodgers’ reaction, it probably wasn’t a bad one. He said last season that he loves when opposing players mock his touchdown dance. The two could be seen talking later in the game.

GIF via CJ Zero

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  • nova sprague

    I wouldn’t mind being discount double checked by JJ Watt

  • Gene

    The two shook hands after the game, so I guess Rodgers didn’t mind.  Then again, with six touchdown passes, why should he?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B23E6OU5IVP634ENFQ3MYHRNIE Aaron

    Rodgers gave him the “double check” alright…