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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Joe Flacco talks Ray Lewis, deer antler spray with David Letterman (Video)

Joe-Flacco-David-LettermanThe Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl champions, and Joe Flacco is the Super Bowl MVP. Most of us would not have predicted six months ago that this would happen, but that is the beauty of the NFL. While many have criticized Flacco for lacking personality and his own father even said he is a dull person, that isn’t stopping the 28-year-old from doing what Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks do.

On Monday night, Flacco appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and was surprisingly funny and not awkward at all. Letterman did his job by asking some uncomfortable questions, and Flacco handled them quite well. For example:

Letterman: Tell me about this guy Ray Lewis — what’s his deal?
Flacco: (Laughs) Well half the time I don’t know but…
Letterman: Is he the spiritual leader of the team?
Flacco: Oh, yeah, he’s the leader in many ways, that definitely being one of them.
Letterman: And he uses deer hoof spray or something like that?
Flacco: (Laughing) You’ll have to ask him about that one, man.

The Ravens quarterback also joked about his contract situation and how the team’s owner is going to have to pay up, which is certainly true now that he has silenced the critics and led the team to a championship. In reality, the fact that Flacco keeps a low profile and rarely makes headlines for what he says is a positive thing for the team. Baltimore needs him to be a quarterback, not an entertainer.

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