Actor Josh Duhamel goes after Merril Hoge over Tim Tebow criticism

josh-duhamelWhatever happens to Tim Tebow in the NFL, at least we know he has some powerful people in his corner.

Tebow has been facing criticism this week for pretty much the first time this season. The criticism stems from a report saying Tebow told the Jets he didn’t want to participate in the team’s Wildcat offensive package prior to the Week 16 game against the Chargers. Tebow has denied the report, but his comments come a few days too late.

Tebow was ripped on Monday by ESPN analyst Merril Hoge who called the New York quarterback a “phony.” That sort of a personal attack didn’t sit well with actor Josh Duhamel, who went after Hoge in response.


As much as I dislike Hoge as an analyst, in the interest of fairness, it must be pointed out that Hoge is much more accomplished as an NFL player than Tebow. Hoge played eight years as a fullback in the NFL — seven for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow has been in the league three seasons, but really only played in one of them.

But, yeah, I really do wonder why Hoge dislikes Tebow so much. The criticism seems personal.

This story really shows the reach of Tim Tebow. Who knew he had a backer in Josh Duhamel? How does that happen? Maybe Duhamel connects with Tebow on a religious level. Or maybe Duhamel, who played quarterback in college, is a Tebow fan. Or maybe this is the benefit of Tebow going Hollywood over the summer when he signed with a new agency. Whatever the case, we sure know Tebow has friends in high places.

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  • merlothead

    To declare Tebow to be 10x the player Hog, er Hoge, is does not have to be evidenced only by time in the precious NFL. Maybe Duhamel recalls a Heisman hand-out or a couple of national championship trophies that Tebow was a major part of. I’m a Steelers fan, but I’m not really sure that Hog, er Hoge, EVER played the caliber of football (especially in terms of speed and quickness) that Tebow played at Florida. I guess for Hog, er Hoge, it’s become something of a religion, this Tebow-bashing. I just wish he’d do his animal sacrifice or voodoo dance (or go have a good BM) and move on! ESPN needs to retire his number…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RIUWECV5QY4AG5KGZ5QSHPLD3Q Rolando

    Tebow may or may not be a good football player, and Hoge may have accomplished more, but Tebow is 10x the man Hoge will ever be.

  • http://twitter.com/LudDirty Matt Ludwig

    Hog is a fool who is chasing ratings. Just the mere mention of Tim’s name sparks huge jumps in viewership. This toolbag extraordinaire has made a career of nay-saying a guy who hasn’t gotten a snap this year. Exactly merlothead, Josh was thinking of Tim’s college accomplishments, which Hog never had, a fullback is a guy who can run straight lines and take more steroids than a running back. Hog is just another white boy trying to boost debate by baselessly dissing Tebow. F’ off you d’bag Hog

  • SherylSimpson

    Hoge targets guys like Vince Young and Tebow who had college success that didn’t translate to the NFL.  he is laboring under the misconception that he was hired by ESPN for his football expertise and scintillating analysis when in fact he is just a mouthpiece a la Skip Bayless or Steven A. Smith (only not that articulate)…his role is to jabber his biased BS, polarize opinion and generate debate.   and he doesn’t even do that very well because he has lost all credibility due to his complete lack of objectivity.  Hoge is a joke…an utter tool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435107704 Paul Hawkins

    I don’t know why Merrill Hoge has such an obsession with Tim Tebow, but it is outright strange.  Who the Hell is Merrill Hoge?   The only thing I remember about this also-ran, average football player is that he got his bell rung repeatedly and had to leave the game because he wasn’t adept at avoiding big hits.   Sure he was a hard nosed player, and was popular in Blue Collar Pittsburgh, but he never anywhere NEAR being the football player, or person, that Tim Tebow is.   Did Merrill win a Heisman?   Did Merrill win a National Championship in college.  What did Merrill Hoge ever do except get the shi* knocked out of him.  What a MORON.   It’s obvious that he is burning with flaming jealousy over Tebow.   Merrill needs to stick to X’s and O’s and talking about concussion safety and keep his personal disdain and outright hatred for Tebow to himself.   Everyone has lost respect for this “HEAD CASE”…

  • Ecade

    Thats funny 

  • Ecade

    But you proved him right by saying….. Hoge targets guys like Vince Young and Tebow who had college success that didn’t translate to the NFL , Key words who’s college success did translate to the NFL that is Hoge point Tebow is not an NFL QB that’s it nothing more to see here lets move on .. 

  • Ecade

    Merrill not jealous of Tebow , as a matter of fact tebow wishes he can stay in the NFL for 8yrs like Merrill , maybe he will play 8 years for 8 different teams .. Lets count 1,2 what team will take the chance next year on the college national champ lol Key word is College ..   

  • Ecade

    But really who is Jeff and who did he play for ?     

  • Ecade

    @Chuck Schick , he must play for the other team to put his two cents about Tebow lol  

  • Ecade

    @icemank90 , Thanks Ice for letting us know that 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WQKOKP4MJBYIV3Y2A6AVPBWPQ4 Richard B

    Hog only “played” 7 seasons…in season 8, he only appeared in 5 games.  Maybe the author is giving him “game” credit for suing the Bears for $1.5 million.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000083649903 Al Staley

     Come on now, I think Hoge led the Steelers in concussions for 2 or 3 years in a row.
    Obviously, they have had a lasting effect.