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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Justin Tuck Calls Anonymous Jets Sources ‘Cowards’

It is not very often that I agree with Justin Tuck. Typically I’m annoyed by the fact that Tuck loves to flap his gums for no reason about a rival team or call opponents dirt bags, but there is always an exception.  In a tweet that he sent out on Wednesday, Tuck came up with the perfect word to describe the anonymous Jets sources who ripped Mark Sanchez to shreds in a recent NY Daily News article.

As we expressed on Wednesday, we tend to agree with Justin.  Playing in a place like New York is tough enough with the way the media jumps all over any opportunity to eat its own.  The aggressive media is something players and coaches have to learn to deal with when playing in a place like New York, Boston, or Philadelphia, but there’s no reason Sanchez should have to be blasted by teammates who don’t even have the guts to reveal themselves.

If someone within the Jets locker room has something to say to or about Sanchez, they should give him the respect of doing so to his face.  If they feel the need to express it by way of a newspaper article, they should at least have the courage to reveal their identity.  Whether you think Sanchez is the man for the job in New York or not, it is disgraceful to rip someone like that behind their back when things haven’t gone well.  The way Tuck described the so-called “sources” is the only way they deserve to be described.

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