Lawrence Taylor to Tim Tebow: Find a nice girl and let some of that pressure off

When you ask Lawrence Taylor what advice he would give to Tim Tebow for Tebow to be able to make it in New York, you have to know there is a risk of receiving a highly inappropriate response. The producers of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” probably knew what they were getting themselves into, but they decided to run with it anyway on this week’s edition of the show.

In the episode of “Inside the NFL” that aired on Wednesday night, Taylor was a special guest and participated in a segment called “Dear Insiders,” which raises questions that are phrased as though they were written by athletes and coaches. According to Game On!, the question about Tebow was written as follows.

“Dear Lawrence, like you, I’m a clean-living, hard-hitting, good ol’ southern boy trying to make it in The Big Apple. What was the secret to your success? Thanks in advance, (signed) Tim from the Meadowlands.”

As shocking as it may be, L.T. took the question as an opportunity to poke fun at Tebow for still being a virgin.

“I would say he would have to go to church, Temple — wherever he goes — find a nice girl,” Taylor said while mixing in some ‘colorful’ language. “I mean marry her if he has to, but he’s got to get some of that pressure off.”

So there you have it. If Tebow wants to succeed in New York, he has to get some. Perhaps he can turn his lifetime membership to the museum of sex into something. Or maybe the offer Rob Gronkowski made over the summer still stands. Either way, L.T. seems to think this is the only way Teebs can survive for the long haul.

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  • Hawker1

    From the sound of that comment, it would appear that Tebow’s being a virgin is causing LT more problems than it is Tim.  Go find yourself another underage working girl, Lawrence, and get some relief.

  • tktimoteo

    innaprpriate Fox sports…stick with sports and not how to spread VD

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6ZUEMG7BZ54JHAI4OXI7KRDL5I EDWARD

    Tim Tebow is clearly a gay man , even if  he gets maried and has children he will never be happy …because he cant admit how he really feels…very sad for  this kid…hes a good kid just trying to follow his christian bible ….Good luck to him
     hopefully he can one day realize he just an okay  QB but that he can be a christian as a gay man….

  • http://twitter.com/Nightwind15 Stephen Armstrong

    Go see Lolo Jones…..she is hot!!!

  • Riverjordan29

    I think this comment is inappropriate just like the comment LT made. I am a big LT fan but I was disappointed to hear him make this comment. But Edward’s  comment was off base. I know Tim and this comment would offend him. I can only think of 2 reasons why you would say this. 1. because your Gay and you want him to be gay also. 2. Your married and had children and the movie “brokeback Mountain” made you realize that your also gay and you just want to come out of the closet but don’t know how.

  • Riverjordan29

    LT you should live your life more like Tim Tebow and your will save alot of money on legal fees and it may even help your image and repair what is left of the damaged reputation you have. You were the greatest of all time. I even have an LT jersey.  I just wish the way you lived your life off the field was emulates 50% of what you did on the field then people can say LT a class act on and off the field.

  • TimMcDonald

    I guess it takes one to know one?

  • TimMcDonald

    She’s got too much ‘tude for Timmy.   He needs a nice girl.

  • TimMcDonald

    It’s hard to get past the image of LT whining for a cortisone shot in “Any Given Sunday” and ever view him quite the same way again.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F2UENK5XMMTRIPSP6RXADF36NI Mark

    Here we have something very simple; a pervert trying to bring down a follower of Christ, who really wants to follow Him by waiting for marriage to have sex, which is what God’s Word has taught for millenia–nothing new or strange here except our nation has almost totally forgotten what our Lord taught and does not understand why He would say such.  You go Tim, I am sure by now you have had to learn to ignore a lot of perverts.  Millions of parents are thankful for you.  Perhaps we are hearing now from a lot of folks that wish they could have back what you still have preserved, due to good, solid convictions. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1663608212 Jonathan McElrath

     Maybe the guy has moral standards that are a bit higher than yours?

  • Riverjordan29

    let me say this on Judgement day Tim Tebow will get the gold jacket and will be up in paradise on Gold avenue up in heaven. LT unless you want a place in paradise which is still available for you to obtain, pick up the good book Tim is reading and learn what a blessing you had and what the true meaning of Grace that the God he serves has given even you LT. Once you learn about values and morals and the meaning of the love jesus has for you it may make you take back what you said and I know Tim will forgive you if he hasn’t already.

  • Skid Row

    Seriously FOX asking a convicted sex offender what ‘he thinks’ about what another player should do about ‘his sexlife…and apparently his sexuality’  Hey LT I don’t CARE what you think…….you CRACKHEAD !!!

  • Mykiddosmom

    Tim has shown belief, conviction, fortitude, moral standards and personal commitment,  in his decision to maintain his status, until he marries.  LMBO!!  I pretty-much figure the Last person whose advice he would ever take, would be a committed sex-offender.  If that person even had an inkling of Tebow’s feelings, he’d never have been crass enough to say what he did.  I am very happy that my teener thinks the world of TT..she’s been wearing a Promise ring for the last 6 years…and she isn’t a particularly enthusiastic football-maniac.  If his personal choices help inspire other young people to do the same, I have nothing but praise for him!  You guys who think he’s a pussy, or whatever?….how many grandkids are you supporting?
    And no…I’m not a religious nut, but I respect TT’s beliefs, and his reasons for doing-so.  more people should have respect for people, even if they do not feel the same.

  • Mykiddosmom

    OMG!  Seriously!?  Damn Riv…did you drink the entire 5th and put some wine on top of it now you’re totally goofy?

  • Mykiddosmom

    How do you flag an UNlike?  Not seeing that option.

  • Mykiddosmom

    LOL…and yes, get a “Knucklehead of the Week” status…LOL.

  • womenlovefootball

    Edward I believe you are absolutely right. He is gay and for him to be happy he needs to be who he wants to be…I think that is why so much attention has been focused on this young man. The macho morons believes he will come out of the closet and destroy football as we know it. There is nothing wrong with being gay and christian hopefully he can be both in the NFL but I doubt that. And for all you women  that just can’t see this its going to be a sad day when Timmy comes out of the closet…

  • DrFreudsTheory

    I believe that all  people who aren’t married or in a hetesexual relationship are gay.

  • Riverjordan29

    No Offense Mykiddosmom but judging from some of the comments you made I can see that you have no spiritual foundation whatsoever, but don’t worry I will remember to pray for you this Sunday. There is still time for you to get to know the man that actually died on a cross for you.  It is a life changing experience once you get to know him

  • Riverjordan29

    Wow!! not a cool comment to make!!  Why can’t we just keep this about sports.

  • Riverjordan29

    It looks like Edwards wife is getting in on the act.  Edward where are you? stop mowing the lawn and get on the computer, Oh and by the way football is on it’s way of being destroyed without the ‘macho morons”if we don’t start protecting our players. Many veterans are suffering and the NFL is turning their backs on the Idols we grew up watching play the game.

  • somanyfamouspeopleareloosers

    What do you expect from a registered sex offender?  If he hasen’t learned his lesson from all the trouble he got in for bedding a minor maybe he needs some prison time.

  • Riverjordan29

    Dude I hope they are not drug testing in your job this week!! lol just kidding I am not offended by your comments but your 6 year old should hold a spelling and grammar class that we both should attend.

  • Jerry Sanchez

    It was obviously a bad idea to ask any sex offenders for advice.  This is what you get.  As for LT and his greatness?  He would coke up before games and at halftime to get his macho game on.  without the cocaine he would have just been another defensive player and would have had a less than hall of fame career.  Maybe it is LT that needed something extra to take the pressure off, a little cocaine and afterwards some underage girls.  as for Edward, it is obvious he is gay because he knows everything about being gay.  The final solution for Edward is to buy some cocaine, meet up with LT, dress up like a little girl and let LT go to work.  I think you may be looking at the marriage LT was talking about

  • JustMyOpinion

    Another great example of how women are looked at as nothing more than a utility to men.  Disgusting.  “Get” a girl?  “Even if you have to marry her?”  Women sure have lowered themselves for cash and baubles these days, at least in the sports arena. 

  • Riverjordan29

    OMG lol!!!!!