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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mike Thomas, Jaguars Beat Texans With Unbelievable Hail Mary (Video)

This is why you always give the hail mary a try.  David Garrard, Mike Thomas, and the Jacksonville Jaguars put together the play of the year to beat the Houston Texans 31-24 on Sunday in Jacksonville.  We’re talking hail mary, tipped ball, knocked down, game over, not so fast.

As the clock hit 0:00 with the score tied at 24-24 and overtime looming, Garrard tossed up a 50-yard hail mary toward Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas.  The ball was knocked down by the Texans’ defensive backs.  Actually, knocked down would imply it hit the ground.  That didn’t happen.  It probably should have, but Thomas caught the ball in once-in-a-lifetime fashion and the Jaguars won the game.  Words can’t really describe the play, so I recommend checking out the David Garrard to Mike Thomas hail mary video here.

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