Did New England Patriots’ website hint at Tim Tebow signing?

Tim Tebow Patriots website

Did the New England Patriots’ official website hint at the upcoming signing of Tim Tebow? If it didn’t, then there sure was a big coincidence on the site over the weekend.

Since Sept. 2011, the Patriots’ website has been running a weekly sponsored story and accompanying poll by Samsonite called, “Samsonite make your case.” The story generally poses a question for debate and encourages readers to vote in the poll.

On Friday, the topic for the story was, “Tim Tebow to New England?”

The story was written by Patriots Football Weekly, which seems to provide content for the site, and the poll question being asked was, “Will Tim Tebow ever play for the Patriots?”

Right around the time the news emerged that the Pats were going to sign Tebow, 53.74 percent voted yes in the poll while 46.26 percent said no.

The story was on the Patriots’ site as a billboard all weekend. It was being featured on the site at the time the news of the signing broke.

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If you’re into conspiracy theories, you can say the Patriots tested the idea of signing Tebow among their fans ahead of time. If not, you can just figure the PFW staff decided on that topic since the question of Belichick hating Tebow reemerged last week.

Either way, it was one heck of a coincidence that that story was running on the site the day news came out that the team was going to sign Tebow.

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  • Joyce Sweeney

    So happy for Tim, I am sure what ever he does he will be a success. God will guide this young man all the way to the end zone.
    Gotta love him and his faith in God.

  • Jane

    The Patriots organization has never looked for fan reaction/approval for any of their ideas/plans concerning player acquisition. Why would anyone think otherwise? Slow news day? Stories are fabricated all the time, much like the story put out by the yahoos at ESPN that Belichick hated Tebow. They’re about as reliable as other tabloid type programs/shows that never let facts get in the way of a story. The Patriot’s organization has a history of doing its business behind closed doors. This situation is no different.

  • Daryl Kline

    Hats off to New England for recognizing the value of an athlete like Tebow. Sorry CFL not this time.

  • Donna Kay Ferguson

    I suspect the Tebow story came from some inter circle leak in the Patroits meetings rather than any Godly intervention or a prediction of today or yesterday