Philip Rivers Is One Tough Mofo

A few weeks ago I was sitting here bashing Philip Rivers for opening up his big mouth during a game against the Broncos. My contention was that Rivers had no right to be running his mouth the way he was. I still believe that. But one thing that Rivers did not have before, which he officially has now, is my respect. Come to find out that those reports last week saying Rivers had an ACL tear were actually true. The mofo had his knee scoped Monday and played Sunday. With a torn ACL.

Philip Rivers’ anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee is “totally gone” and he will have reconstructive surgery soon.

The recovery time for the surgery is not known but Rivers said he definitely will be 100 percent by the start of next season.

Reading this sort of report and seeing photos of Tom Brady in a walking boot Monday makes you really appreciate what those guys do out there on the field. And don’t think that Rivers and Brady are the only ones who nutted up — Gates played with a dislocated toe, and I’m guessing mostly everyone else had to be shot up or something before the game because of their painful injuries. These guys have some serious guts, and Rivers is chief among them. And man, he actually played pretty well all things considered.

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  • Gene

    All except your man, LT, who couldn’t last more than the two plays with his non-surgical MCL tear.

    This is only an observation, not a criticism. If LT felt he couldn’t push off, then he did the right thing for his team by letting his productive backup play in his place.

  • Chris

    It’s easy to point the finger at the ideal teammate who sits out instead of playing through the pain.

    But Rivers didn’t have to run through Vrabel, Bruschi, O-line, etc. and break tackles and take hits.

  • Bruinmom

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tom Brady cast is a fake. A few hours later Brady was out walking around in boots. Don’t put it past Brady and the Hoodie to do something like that just to mess with the media and the Giants.

  • Gene

    With the good weather in Arizona, the Pats will kick the Giants’ butts, cast or no cast.

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