Pot Heads Want Ricky in Denver

You may or may not have heard that Ricky Williams applied for reinstatement with the NFL earlier in the week. The sentiment from the Dolphins seems to be that they’re not concerned with Ricky; they have enough problems as is. Besides, judging by the performance of Ronnie Brown, running back is about the only position where Miami isn’t struggling. Well, if the Dolphins don’t take him back, seems like some fans in Denver are more than happy to:

An activist group that successfully campaigned to repeal a pot possession law in Denver wants running back Ricky Williams to sign with the Broncos.

The group, Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, said today that it will lease a billboard across from Invesco Field at Mile High beckoning Williams to Denver “where people support your safer choice.”

If you ask me, they’re just pissing money down the toilet. But I do have to admit, the idea is pretty damn funny. Oh, and by the way, a pot head activist group? Such a thing exists? Amazing.

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  • John

    Pot heads? I don’t think it’s like that.

    SAFER is an organization promoting cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol, and so far has met with quantifiable success. So yes, marijuana activist groups “exist”.

    How many disgusting, beer-bellied, wife-smacking alcoholics judge Ricky for being more intelligent than themselves?

    Final note: OJ Simpson- I don’t think he made the safer, more responsible and moral choice of marijuana over alcohol.

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    that is funny john!!!

  • Dave

    Ricky, and anyone else who smokes or injests marijuana should NOT be banned from any sport!
    When will the public, but more importantly legislators and other decision makers stop the propaganda, it compares to the cold war B.S.?
    Marijuana would not be illegal if there was ANY consistancy to the classification of drugs by their effects.
    It is not an athletic enhancer and has NO addiction properties, unlike alcohol, nicotine, and even caffeine.