President Obama advises Michael Vick to slide; Vick responds

President Obama is apparently no different from Eagles fans who want their quarterback to stay healthy.

Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha spoke at an event in Oakland on Monday and introduced the President. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Asomugha and Obama talked football afterward, and the President offered some advice.

“He told me to tell Vick to slide,” Asomugha told reporters.

Asomugha was pressed about Obama’s advice and said it happened.

Vick, or whoever runs his Twitter account, read the report and responded via Twitter:

There has been frequent talk throughout the offseason about Vick making adjustments to protect himself. While that certainly would be beneficial for Vick and the Eagles, I wonder how practical it is. Many actions on the field are instinctual, and I don’t know how easy it will be for Vick to adjust after playing his entire life a different way.

And let’s also give it up for Obama. Here I was thinking his staff slipped him the Vick nugget, but maybe I was wrong.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.g.muro Mary Glassman Muro

    birds of a feather…flock together.

  • Gene

    Obama should spend more time trying to keep the country from sliding and less time trying to come off as a great sports fan. We understand he knows basketball, but he couldn’t name a favorite White Sox player although he claims to be a big fan of the Pale Hose. Now it’s football when it should be the economy and illegal immigration

  • http://www.facebook.com/willie.wiley.946 Willie Wiley

    Lighten up dude…even the President of the USA can’t spend every second of each day thinking about the economy. He is human, not a machine. I do not think that his taking a few moments out of his day to talk sports, no matter the type of sport, will make the economy any worse than it is. The President is only 1 guy, it takes the entire Congress to get things done. It is good for his or any President’s sanity to take a break from the highly pressurized life of running the nation. No sane person will spend their entire existence just thinking about the task at hand, not even you, if you were President, would spend your entire tenure just thinking of the nation and nothing else, so give it a pause and let the man be human and do what he needs to do to relax and take a break, if for nothing else but his own sanity.

  • Gene

     Wise up.  Whether you are for or against Obama, this was part of his political campaign, not a weekend rest at a private retreat where the media has little access.  I agree that Congress is equally responsible for dealing with the recession.  I was alluding to the fact that he went public with the Michael Vick comment to make it look like he is a big football fan when in reality he is not.

    Rest and private times for a president, yes.  Public sports comments to gain voter support, fair game.  I would say the same thing about Romney if he brought athletics into his campaign.