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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Randy Moss returns home to 7-Eleven at Rand University, takes picture by dumpster

Randy Moss returned to his hometown of Rand, West Virginia this week and paid a visit to one of its most famous landmarks. As Moss’ close friend Donnie Jones once said, all they had in Rand was a 7-Eleven store. The people in the community would say that the town’s athletes were doomed because of their upbringing and would be going nowhere for college except Rand University.

As a future NFL Hall of Famer, Moss has obviously broken the mold. He graduated from Rand University and went on to score 155 touchdowns and counting. Upon returning to Rand on Monday, Moss tweeted the following along with the photos you see above.

“I’m at the university. In my hood checking on grade point averages (gpa)!!!boom”

Happy returns, Randy. You’ve certainly earned the right to say you graduated from 7-Eleven.

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