Ravens’ Paul Kruger: Broncos should have stuck with Tim Tebow

Paul Kruger taunted the Broncos after his Ravens beat them in the playoffs on Saturday.

The Baltimore DE/LB tweeted after his team’s 38-35, two-overtime win that Denver would have been better off keeping Tim Tebow at quarterback instead of signing Peyton Manning:

paul kruger ravensKruger’s tweet was in reference to Denver’s controversial decision to trade Tebow and replace him with Manning after last season. Tebow became the Broncos’ starter in Week 7 last season and the team went 7-4 under his leadership. They went 8-8, reached the playoffs, and beat the Steelers in the wild-card round.

Despite Tebow’s improbable success, team executive John Elway never fully seemed to believe in the young quarterback. Even after Tebow helped the Broncos win a playoff game, Elway opted for the future Hall of Famer instead.

Most rational fans wouldn’t deny that Elway made the best decision for his team after seeing how well the Broncos played this season. That makes me wonder if Kruger was being sarcastic or serious with his tweet.

Kruger had three tackles and recovered Manning’s fumble during the game, so maybe his implication is that Tebow wouldn’t have given up the ball. Or maybe he was just trying to get under the skin of the team he just beat.

What we do know is that Tim Tebow’s brother probably agrees with him.

H/T Joe Lucia

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.mcmahan.73 Dave McMahan

    Know who holds the “BCS bowl game record” for most passing yards in ANY single bowl game?  Who threw for 482 yards (while rushing for 51) on 31 completions of 35 attempts in that bowl game against a Top 20 team? 
    It was Tebow in the Sugar Bowl, Jan 1, 2010 !!!! 
    The fella’ passed for 9285 yards in college, 66.4 % completion, and 88 TD’s vs. 16 interceptions, but “He can’t pass”.
    Yes, his completion percentage was 46.5% in 2011 at Denver, but Denver used the run-option for short yardage INSTEAD of screen passes (which- being “easy to complete”- usually boost a QB’s completion percentage by 5-7% if he gets to throw 7 or 8 of ‘em a game).  So, his completion percentage at Denver in 2011 was 46.5 % DESPITE not being called on to throw screen passes.  Guess what Terry Bradshaw’s first-year completion percentage was- 38%  !!!!  TEBOW CAN PASS (AND RUN) !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PCYUZ6XSFAEZGKJUT5WIPRDFYM Elron McKenzie

    An observation::

    Before the draft every single NFL General Manager, coach and personnel guy rated Tebow as someone who could not be successful as a QB in the NFL. The ONLY coach who wanted him was Josh McDaniels, who is a fundamentalist Christian. I guarantee you that McDaniels’ judgement was swayed because they both are hyper-religious. Either that or he is a complete idiot.

    Also, even the JETS couldn’t find a position on the offense where they thought Tebow could contribute.

    Either there is a league wide conspiracy against Tebow or 32 teams independently think he doesn’t below there.

  • hbradish

    Kruger is quickly becoming a very good player.
    The AFC North gets no respect. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QP7H675SH2G62MOIQYV6SKL4LI SUNKING

    Same thing happened this past draft when Seattle spent a third round pick on an undersized quarterback named Russel Wilson.  I recall Mel Kyper and Jon Gruden almost coming to blows after that one as Gruden, the ultimate cheerleader, criticized Kyper’s criticism about Wilson’s size and Seattle already having their quarterback of the future after signing Matt Flynn to a long term deal.  One thing that is never measured in the game films and combines is the heart of an individual and Tim Tebow’s heart is probably bigger then the game itself.  Being a Raven season ticket holder, I found out this year that Paul Kruger has a heart the size of the sky and if you tweeted it Paul, I respect your opinion as you, and the Ravens have made this one fan of many so proud words cannot describe. 

  • http://twitter.com/giggity83 Nick the

    He cant pass. He’s tried and failed.  Miserably.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kraig.ankiewicz Kraig Ankiewicz

    The REAL truth is that Tim Tebow has not been given a real chance as a quarterback. Why is he being compared to a traditional quarterback anyway? He is unique! He needs to play where he is given full support and the starting position. You can’t call anyone a failure until they have had a legitimate shot. He has been used sparingly and safe at best. He clearly has not been given a real shot as of yet. Besides, isn’t the stat that really matters the WINS? He wins!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kraig.ankiewicz Kraig Ankiewicz

    I personally think John Elway was wrong to ditch Tim Tebow the way he did. Peyton Manning is arguably the best to play the game but was coming off a lost season and is aged. Tim Tebow would have been a better choice for the long run even if they have to continue to create an offensive style that suits him. Its a shame. They are both quality guys! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Baggelaarjack Jack Baggelaar

    @nick    even when you read the stats from dave you make a dumb comment.get help

  • http://www.facebook.com/Baggelaarjack Jack Baggelaar

    tebow can play qb in the nfl.elway got what he deserved last night.with over a min left den quit playing and tried to coast.when they say you have to play all 60 min that doesn’t mean 58 1/2.dumb move and it cost them the game.i bet they wish they had tebow for short yardagein the last min.

  • Daddytebow

    Tebow can’t pass, can’t read defenses, can’t throw to wide open receivers, hangs on to the ball to long, and is selfish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracy.fontaine.758 Tracy Fontaine

    WOW–A rocket scientist like you should be coaching in The Smart Ass League

  • Daddytebow

     Where do I sign up?