Rhett Ellison called for facemask penalty, costs Vikings field goal (GIF)

Minnesota Vikings tight end Rhett Ellison was called for an unusual facemask penalty in overtime against the Chicago Bears on Sunday that wiped out a field goal and temporarily cost the Vikings a win.

The Vikings got the ball second in overtime after forcing a Bears punt, so a field goal would have won the game. Matt Cassel led them from their 22 to the Bears’ 21, and they set up for a 39-yard field goal. Kicker Blair Walsh made the kick, but the field goal was nullified by the penalty called on Ellison. Two plays later, they attempted a 57-yard field goal and missed.

The Bears got great field position after that miss and attempted a 47-yard field goal by Robbie Gould on second down, clearly thinking the kick would be a lock. But Gould missed, giving the Vikings the ball back and another chance to win the game. Minnesota eventually set up for another field goal and made it to finally win 23-20.

The fan reaction after that facemask penalty was great:

Vikings fan

GIF via GIFD Sports; Image via @worldofisaac

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  • MeniscusDiscus

    There was no facemask. Another blisteringly blatant bad call by an NFL ref this year that could have affected the outcome of a game. With the ludicrous situation at the Giants/Redskins game included, if the NFL does not get their officiating uner control there will be no reason to separate the NFL from Mexican wrestling matches. Screw this. All of America sees it on their HD TV screens. Goodell CANNOT ignore this.