Rob Gronkowski, Matt Light danced shirtless on stage after Patriots’ loss (Pictures)

While some Patriots had suicidal thoughts after their Super Bowl loss, others danced shirtless on stage at a party to help change their spirits. Pictured above is tight end Rob Gronkowski dancing on stage with LMFAO at the Patriots’ postgame party. He wasn’t the only one getting topless — lineman Matt Light was shirtless too.

Some people have a problem with the guys partying after the loss. I understand where they’re coming from — how could players be in the mood to have fun after such a heartbreaking defeat? That is a reasonable concern, but I think the main focus for everyone should be one thing: why did they have their shirts off? Don’t they know that can only lead to ridicule?

UPDATE: We now have video of Gronk dancing

Picture Credits: Abe Medoff, Deadspin

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2JXM6IWTBXREPZJ6LGPOIN3BS4 Anonymous

    From everything I have read Sanf Fran is the homocapital of the US, where did you get your info?  Unless you are comparing San Fran to all the North East, but even then I’m guessing the numbers are still lower not to mention the percentage would probably be a 30% difference.   And just because you haven’t met any don’t mean they aren’t there!!!  Living in chicago there are plenty of athletes but strangely I haven’t met many.

  • http://twitter.com/mcampbell222 Michelle Campbell

    First I want to start by saying, YUM!!  Dance on!!  On a serious note, So what they lost and they are celebrating?! It’s just a game. Get up, get out and move on. Personally, I’m not a fan of either team but at least they made it to the Super bowl!! I’m glad they aren’t a bunch of pansies going home and whining about something that can’t be changed. Geeze! Lighten up people

  • Anonymous

    What good would it do to pout.  Party on guys!

  • Anonymous

    N.E  would have lost in SF too!

  • Anonymous

    haha.. ok.  true, who wants to see that face! ha!

  • Anonymous

    thank you, Sir. :)

  • Anonymous

    can we leave it at 69 likes.  :)