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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ryan Grant Says Ndamukong Suh’s Two-Game Suspension is ‘Absurd’

As you have probably heard by now, Ndamukong Suh received a two-game suspension from the NFL for stomping on an opponent during the Lions-Packers game on Thanksgiving.  The suspension comes as no surprise, as Suh is a repeat offender who has been warned by the league on several occasions.  The fact that the Lions defensive tackle hasn’t learned to control his temper could be extremely costly for the team’s playoff hopes.  Despite that, Packers running back Ryan Grant does not believe the punishment fits the crime.

“I think that’s old news for us, but I don’t know, I sort of thought it was going to be a little bit longer,” Grant told WSSP in Milwaukee according to Sports Radio Interviews. “But at the end of the day, do I think it needs to be longer? Yeah, I do. I think it’s absurd. It was about as overboard as you can get what he did; it’s just not football. Can’t have that. It was ridiculous, and it’s not something you want to see regardless. I’m not a fan of the apology, I’m not a fan of what he said. Anybody in hindsight can say all that, but we’re talking about something that’s not exactly a first occurrence.”

Many believe Suh got off easy when you consider the fact that Albert Haynesworth was suspended five games for stomping on an opponent back in 2006.  That being said, the suspension will definitely sting for Detroit.  They are in the hunt for a wild card berth and need all the help they can get with their defense having struggled as of late.

I suppose Grant has a point if you compare Suh to Haynesworth, but the situation has a lot to do with it.  A two-game suspension at this point should be enough to hurt Suh and his teammates, which should send a fairly strong message.

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