Tebow Time Tattoo Was Result of Lost Bet

When we shared the picture of the “Tebow Time” tattoo a man got on Tuesday, we told you that the artist who did the work kept asking the man if the tattoo was the result of a lost bet. The man wouldn’t tell him. Turns out that was the case.

Juan Contreras lost a bet to Josh Lucero, a tattoo artist at the Love n Hate Elite Tattoo Studio in Denver, and had to get that Tebow Time centaur tattoo. Earlier in the season, the men at the shop were talking about the Broncos quarterbacks situation. Contreras and Gabe Lopez, who owns the store, supported Brady Quinn. Lucero thought Tebow deserved a shot. They decided to make a wager.

If Tebow won five games, Contreras would have to get a Tebow Time tattoo. If he didn’t, Lucero would have to get a “Te-(bleep)” tattoo.

Tebow has gone 6-1 as a starter, and Contreras made good on his bet. Now he looks exactly like this fool, who also had to get a feminine-looking horse tattoo.

I’m glad we’ve cleared up any confusion about the matter, but the point still remains: intentional or not, that is one of the most laughable tattoos we’ve ever seen.

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  • Anonymous

    Re-read the 2nd paragraph, last sentence doesn’t make sense.  Think you mixed up the names.

  • Chris Hardewig

    the tattoo is wearing a Chargers helmet

  • Anonymous

    Sorry folks I love Tebow but I sure as hell am not going to get his name tattooed on me anywhere!!! The only names I would have put on my body are my kids and that’s it!! Come on man!!!

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Just fixed it, thanks

  • Anonymous

    I heard you had a cute little question mark tattooed on your ankle…


  • Anonymous

    So when tattos go out of style, so does your arm. Thats nice.  It will be like seeing a Bobby Layne tatoo today.