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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Like 3rd and long, T.O. denied

Ben Maller found this great nugget in the Miami Herald,

Sightings: B.E.D. refusing to admit Terrell Owens last week because his entourage was too big.

Entourage or ego? Either way, T.O. getting denied at a club is hilarious! That brings up another point. This club must have some serious cajones to reject an A-List (A for A-hole) guest like Terrible. Checking out the photo gallery for the club, it appears as if Lennox Lewis, Josh Beckett, Johnny Knoxville, and none other than Wilmer Valderrama are more desirable guests than Terrell Owens. Classic.

I do have to say – any place where you can eat and drink in bed gets my vote for cool (not to mention one that rejects Terrible).

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