Tim Tebow hit in head by Mark Sanchez pass

Perhaps there is no play that better encapsulates the mess the Jets are perceived to be than the incompeltion seen above. The Jets had a 3rd and 3 in the third quarter against the Dolphins on Sunday and had Tim Tebow lined up as a receiver. Tebow went in motion and ran to the flat, but Sanchez threw a pass before Tebow was looking. The ball went off Tebow’s helmet for an incompletion, leading to a punt.

The Jets were termed a circus before the season began, but then they put an end to that talk with a 48-28 hammering of the Bills in Week 1. But after a Week 2 loss and more media problems, they’re appearing to be the mess of a franchise we thought they were, though they did pull it out against the Dolphins 23-20 in overtime.

Video via Black Sports Online

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  • SpinMax

    it was like he was trying to embarrass tebow throwing it like that

  • RKM1954

    So what you are trying to say Larry is…… Every time a QB and a Receiver miss a timing pattern, the team is totally screwed up.  The Jets are 2-1, so at this point in the season they are doing something right.

    To be honest, I’ve seen QBs hit Receivers in the back, in the foot and every place else.  I’ve seen QBs throw to the right, when the Receiver turned left.  It happens.  No big news here.  It’s called Football.

    While you are dogging the Jets, let’s take a look at some great teams so far:

    Broncos (Manning) 1-2
    Redskins (RGIII) 1-2
    Panthers (Newton) 1-2

  • oldsportsfan1

    Gotta say I actually thought just perhaps Sanchez bonked Tebow on the head on purpose, but he would be stupid to do so.  Right?   Right!  I do wonder how come the media keep going on and on about how Tebow is spooking Sanchez, and playing mind games with him.  They sure dont give him (Sanchez) much credit for smarts or confidence if they really think he is so weak that he would let that happen.   Hey,  if they say so,  I guess it’s so.  Right?  Right!

  • oldsportsfan1