Broncos cornerback Tony Carter mocks Aurora movie theater shooting on Twitter

At its best, Twitter is a tremendous source of speedy information and a convenient way to interact with people. At its worst, the network provides a medium for grown men to act like children. Broncos cornerback Tony Carter took that to a new level on Monday night.

After returning home to Denver following a loss to the Patriots, Carter apparently decided to enjoy his day off by catching a movie. At some point he had a horrible lapse in judgment and thought his Twitter followers would find it humorous if he made a joke about the tragic shooting that occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. over the summer. The tweet, which has been deleted, was captured by Denver Sports Nation’s Adam Kinney:

We have seen athletes say some incredibly dumb things on Twitter like this one and this one, but Carter’s tweet is right up there with the worst of them. Naturally, Carter apologized when he came to his senses and realized how offensive the comment was — especially from a player who plays in Denver and should understand how difficult the shooting has been for the community to deal with.

One of the people who was killed in the shooting was journalist Jessica Ghawi. Her mother, Sandy Phillips, used her own Twitter account to remind Carter that Ghawi would have covered the Broncos if she hadn’t been murdered.

“Class act, Carter!” she wrote. “My daughter would have covered Bronco training if she hadn’t been MURDERED in Aurora JERK. What’s sad is he really thought he was FUNNY! I hope the retweets are from shock & not support.”

People make mistakes, but the fact that Carter thought he could make lightly of the Aurora shooting is almost as baffling as his decision to send such an impulsive tweet.

H/T Media Rantz via @TlkSuperstation

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  • JamesT32

    Just another example of why Twitter represents an insidious and unnecessary additon to a society full of people who generally talk WAY too much already.

  • http://twitter.com/drdjr24 ☠DawgDaze☮

    yeah maybe a lil insensitive  but C’mon ppl,cut the guy some slack,it wasn’t all that bad.We gotta stop takin things soooo seriously

  • tcblazn67

    It was funny!  It was not like he said anything about the shooting directly or made fun of those who died.  People need to lighten up.  And yes twitter is completely stupid and people who follow it need to get a life of their own.

  • JamesT32

    I don’t wholly disagree with you as it’s not amongst the worst things I’ve ever seen, which in itself perhaps says much, but you need to step back and get some perspective.  The bottom line is this – you absolutely can not make light of a mass murder scene in Aurora, CO, even in a casual sense, when you’re a CORNERBACK FOR THE FREAKIN’ DENVER BRONCOS.  Get it now?  Everything in life is relative and ten people saying the exact same thing can elicit ten different reactions given who’s speaking and you always need to be 100% cognisant of such things, especially when you’re a public figure.  Yes, big difference in life between hateful and ignorant and this was clearly just ignorant, but it was INCREDIBLY ignorant.

  • lynwit


  • JamesT32

    lynwit – Perhaps this is something I should know in some odd way, but what the hell does your post refer to?

  • JamesT32

    You never returned to explain your obtuse post.  I’m left to assume it was just some meaningless twaddle that served no real purpose outside of your own misguided thoughts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/enorman.harris Enorman Harris

    Wow! Not cool at all.