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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tony Moeaki encourages friends of potential NFL draftees to screw with them

Tony-Moeaki-ChiefsThe NFL Draft is one of the most emotional experiences a college football player will ever have to sit through. For some, it brings overwhelming happiness. For others, it leads to unfathomable disappointment. But most NFL players would agree that draft weekend comes with a great deal of anxiety. Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki wants to make it even more stressful.

With every NFL Draft comes at least one or two clowns who like to play pranks and pray on vulnerability. Most top-tier college players are sitting at home waiting by the phone for the call that will change their life, and Moeaki is encouraging people to punk those players.

Not cool, bro. As this former Rutgers receiver could tell you, there’s nothing more¬†disheartening¬†than having someone pose as an NFL team executive who claims you have just been drafted. Moeaki was taken in the third round back in 2010, so he had to do a bit of waiting around before his name was called. I think it’s safe to assume someone played the blocked number prank on him during the first two-plus rounds.

H/T Deadspin

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