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Friday, June 22, 2018

Tony Romo Played Hide-and-Seek at his Alchohol-Free Bachelor Party

There may be no quarterback in the NFL who appreciates good, clean fun more than Tony Romo.  Remember last summer?  You know, when Romo did up Six Flags with his brother-in-law and was spotted having a blast in the front row of a speedy roller coaster?  It should come as no surprise that the same guy also claims to have enjoyed an alcohol-free bachelor party prior to marrying Candice Crawford.  In fact, Romo and his boys even went big and put together a game of hide-and-seek.

Romo told Yahoo! Sports, via People,  that he and about 15 friends took a beerless trip to a cabin in West Virginia.  It was anything but your typical bachelor party.

“I didn’t feel like going out drinking that night,” Romo explained. “We tried to come up with a game, but when you’re with 14-15 guys, there aren’t a lot of non-drinking games at that age you can do.

“I just came up with some game – hide-and-go-seek, I guess it was,” he said. “It was a little modified form. It was fun. We had a good time. I stayed hidden for a while. I had a pretty good spot … it was pitch black out. There were only like two lights in the whole place. We played twice. I won both times. … I got to tell them all I was smarter than them. That was just part of the process. … I did come up with the game, so I probably had a pretty good idea leading up to the game that I had a chance.”

Gee golly! That sounds fun!  To each his own I suppose.  That’s one way to avoid a negative publicity.  I’m just thankful my invitation got lost in the mail or I would have felt bad having to RSVP “Not a Chance.”

H/T to Sportress of Blogitude for the story.

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