Travis Henry: Father of Nine Kids to Nine Women

Commenter SpinMax emails in with this story about Travis Henry, who apparently is giving Shawn Kemp a run for his money as the newest punchline when it comes to fathering kids out of wedlock. As you read in the headline, Henry has fathered nine kids to nine different women in four different states. Luckily for Henry, he was signed to a five-year deal with $12 million guaranteed, meaning he should have no problem paying the child support. Or so you would think.

[Judge Clarence] Seeliger wrote that the football player displayed “bad judgment in his spending habits,” dropping $100,000 for a car and $146,000 for jewelry. Meanwhile, Henry fell behind on support payments for his child with [Jameshia] Beacham that were mandated by a previous order. Threatened with jail, he borrowed $9,800 from his former team, the Tennessee Titans, to pay the bill, according to court records.

[Henry's lawyer Shiel] Edlin, though, said Henry collected much less than $1 million after taxes, and he said much of it went to debts. “He doesn’t have any money,” Edlin said. “The guy has significant financial issues.”

I know what you all are thinking — you’d love to have the type of financial issues that come from signing a multi-million dollar contract, right? Yeah, me too. But just goes to show — don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. OK?

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  • http://fixthefoc Douglas Richardson

    This is absolutely disgusting, this is not about money its about parenting and responsibility. I work diligently as a paternity fraud victim to overcome the objections of the opponents to free victims of paternity fraud and the enslavement of the courts. Irresponsible individuals like this give opposing people ammunition to support the continued abuse on innocent families.

    How can this so-called star ball player properly father and nurture the best interest of the NINE CHILDREN in four opposite states. While these children may be financially secure, they will fail to have a father’s guidance UNLESS the mothers replace him with a non-biological figure that is willing to except this large responsibility. This disgusts me and he should be PUBLICALLY humiliated.

  • http://fixthefoc Douglas Richardson

    I can not leave my past comments as-is
    While taking my shower readying for WORK to SUPPORT my child, this continued to anger me.

    Mr. Travis Henry, I ask you some simple questions, with 9 separate children by 9 separate mothers in 4 opposite states which child will see you on Christmas, who will accompany the mother to the hospital when this child is sick and who will these children call daddy.

    You are a disgrace to mankind and frankly a real JACKASS.

  • SpinMax

    I hope he didn’t name all of them George or something…

  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    i guess it is safe to say that Trojan condems wont be calling to ask him to be a spokesmen!!

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s OK spin — he just calls them all by their last names.

  • JVC

    I am humiliated to even have to say that without knowing that Travis has fathered 9 other children, I am carrying #10 & 11. I am a single mother of an 11yr old from a previous relationship and after meeting Travis considered him a nice guy. A short time after being involved with Travis I became pregnant. He immediately expressed his feelings about having a child and wanted me to terminate the pregnancy even offering me a large sum of money. As if that wasn’t bad enough upon going to my 2nd prenantal visit with no support from Travis, I found out I was having twins. I spoke with Travis two times total after trying to reach him for support numerous times, but he has refused to man up to this situation. Recently hearing of the tragic news of him fathering nine kids and failing to support them, I made another attempt to reach Travis and hear his side of the story, no answer. A short time after that, I learned that he changed his number and now I have no way of reaching him. This is the reason for me going public with this, at what point does someone learn from previous experiences? For me it is not about the money, I need his support. Bringing two babies into this world with a track record like Travis’ is something I can’t help but lose sleep over. I don’t want to judge him or anyone else, but can’t someone get through to him, there are children who need him.

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  • Cinda

    It is regretable that Travis Henry is so irresponsible sexually and financially. Hopefully he puts the money from his new contract to good use. Far from laying all the blame on Henry for fathering 9 children, the women themselves must assume some accountability. Don’t get it twisted and think Henry is so unlucky and irresponsible to have gotten 9 women pregnant. Know assuredly that some got pregnant “accidentally on purpose.” Professional athletes are prey to women who view them as a meal tickey so they don’t have to work. (To JVC: Have some finesse and stop airing your laundry on the web. Apparently you have access online since you posted here so I cannot fathom why you are wringing your hands about not being able to contact Henry. Pull up “Travis Henry contract Denver Bronco!” and you will be reassured he will be able to meet any near future demands of child support for your twins. All you need for the child support department to initiate paternity and child support is Henry’s current employer, the Denver Broncos. Hopefully you are working and have health insurance. Some men with several children are better fathers than those with just 1 or 2, even if they make rotten husband or boyfriends. And while you are bashing Travis Henry so, take a good look in the mirror at your own hypocrisy and consider the fact that you yourself have been a poor role model for your 11 year old son by jumping into bed with a man not your husband.) Sign me, “Praying for the mores of Americans.”

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  • jazzman

    travis man;
    you just don’t believe in condoms huh??man 9 kids by nine different women…..man!!you make it bad for fathers who are responsible and try to take care of their kids and the courts give them grief.and you got cats like you having kids all over the land.sowing your oats if you will.you got to bag it brother for you make it bad for other fathers.this is why the courts bundle the good fathers with the bad ones and gives the good fathers grief.you gotta chill with that mess!!!

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