Where’s Tiki Barber Now?

Not long after the Giants had won the NFC title game, advancing to the Super Bowl, did the question pop into my head: Where’s Tiki Barber now? Ballhype reminded me of this thought and now I must ask it again. Where’s Tiki Barber now? I never really got into the whole Eli vs. Tiki bout that started earlier in the year, but I was quite disappointed with Tiki. His first move out of the field and into the broadcast chair and he’s ripping guys he played with no less than a year before? That was poor form. Poor form. He never needed to open up that can.

Alas, the Giants, Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning, are getting the last laugh. While Tiki talked a mess of ish how Coughlin ruined his enjoyment of the game, and how Eli wasn’t a leader, the Giants brushed it off and shoved it up Tiki’s ass. Barber retires and the Giants reach the Super Bowl. Where’s he now for his response? I’m not an Eli fan in the least bit, but I’d like to know what Tiki’s response is to what’s ensued. Karma is a bitch. Oh yeah, and love it or hate it Tiki, Eli Manning is in the Super Bowl. I hate it, and Tiki must be swallowing his words. Hard.

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  • Jeff

    Tiki is an idiot. What happened to Tiki is similar to what happens when networks flash stats on the screen such as, “He hasn’t missed a field goal from this distance is 2 years” and the guy goes on to miss.

    Its one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • http://www.educatedbet.com/blog/ Educated Bet

    Now lets get to a former teammate of Eli, one Tiki Barber. Now I am Tiki guy as a player but not as a commentator. After he retired for some odd reason and when he stepped into the booth for NBC, he verbally ripped Eli a new a**hole. I believe that Tiki said that Eli was not a good leader and when they were in the huddle he had no control of his team. Well Tiki, how do you feel now, your first year in retirement is almost over and guess what the team that you left, that was supposed to be much worse without you…IS IN THE SUPER BOWL! And you know why there in the Super Bowl, o thats right because of the guy that you ripped apart.

    Lets take a look at some of Eli’s stats for the postseason, I think that he has thrown about 89 pass attempts this post season and no picks. I mean I guess thats good right Tiki…so thats no turnovers on his part, he has 4 touchdown passes and did I mention that he has thrown 0 picks. O and one more thing he went in to Green Bay and Lambeau Field and beat the great Brett Farve…a little side note on Farve, he is like a kid in a candy store, he just is having so much fun out there…well not anymore Brett, no more blow jobs from the commentators. Back to Tiki and Eli, maybe next you want to reitre, then rip your quarterback apart on national television, and then talk about how that team is not as good as good anymore maybe you should wait till after the season or until the PLAY IN THE SUPER BOWL…good job Tiki, good job…
    Peace..Iron Mike

  • http://zachls.blogspot.com The Big Picture

    you know that Brandon Jacobs is loving Tiki going to the studio. hell, giants fans probably are liking it too.

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  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Tiki is an arrogant little bitterman. The Giants only have to whisper one word to shut Tiki up now….. scoreboard.

  • Cynthia Gat;omg

    At first I felt sorry for Tiki Barber because if he had waited one more year, he would have had a ring. BUT after hearing all of his negative trashing, I definitely have changed my opinion. I feel like he got what he deserved. It’s true what they say about Karma and what comes around goes around. Tiki is a prime example of this. I guess he forgot the years when he was fumbling the ball like it was a requirement to being a running back and nobody even said half the things he said about Eli and Tom. So therefore, maybe the problem was not the Eli and Tom but was Tiki. It seems like he was the virus, weakest link etc. and since he’s been eliminated the Giants did their thing and became SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. So now Tiki it’s time to join another show, it’s called The Beverly Hillbillys and enjoy that big bowl of vittles also known as CROW that Granny makes you. EAT EM UP!!!

  • Jim Ripberger

    “Oh yeah, and love it or hate it Tiki, Eli Manning is in the Super Bowl. I hate it, and Tiki must be swallowing his words. Hard.”

    maybe you could find Tiki and the two of you could cry in your beer together

  • Jerry Rosen

    Maybe Tiki did the Jints a favor. In the first half Jacobs wasn’t spectacular by any means, but his constant pounding into the line loosened up the Pats defense and Bradshaw came in for some decent runs. Furthermore, the Pats line was very tired at the end which clearly enabled Manning to be the hero. I love this game because it is won in the trenches and Jacobs is a power runner who epitomizes the time honored axiom that a tough defense with a punishing running attack is what usually wins big games.

  • Pam L

    By the way Tiki… the non-leader QB of the Super Bowl Champions was the MVP of the game… There’s a little something else for you to choke down. Where is Tiki by the way? Did he leave the stadium with Bilachek? I LOVED every minute of it!

  • JIM S.


  • John L.

    Meki Barber has always been a selfish, self-centered, a##hole, who thinks he is better than everyone else. Just listen to him in that stupid Cadillac commercial, ME ME ME ME ME………ME! Karma? YES! CONGRATUALATIONS TO THE NEW YORK GIANTS!