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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why the Interest in Daunte Culpepper?

There’s no secret that when a Pro Bowl quarterback becomes available, teams are interested. It happened with Trent Green and Jake Plummer and Jeff Garcia, and even Brian Griese, and now it’s happening with Daunte Culpepper. (Which is more surprising, that teams are interested, or that those five guys have all been to Hawaii?). Anywhoo, Adam Schefter’s most recent notes column on NFL.com suggests the Jaguars have shown the most interest in the Moss-made man. My question is why? Have teams not seen what’s he’s done (or not done) the past few seasons? Why would they even bring him in for a look? I’d rather go with a 7th round pick, or even an undrafted free agent over Daunte.

For every stellar NFL season Culpepper has enjoyed (read: one in 2004), he has been equally horrendous three more times. Back in the day before I had this crappy blog working, I used to brush up my nastiness on FOXsports.com’s blogs. I authored a post there titled Daunte Culpepper: The Most OVERRATED QB in the NFL. That was before his whole Miami meltdown too. And since I already wrote enough over there, I’ll just quote it for you:

By the time he tragically left Minnesota following his knee injury, the amazing 3 time Pro Bowl QB was 37 and 40 as a starter. (Technically he’s 37-41 but I’m letting him off the hook for last year’s loss to Carolina when he hurt his knee). You do the math. Throw the 20,000+ yards and 135 TDs in my face, and I’ll say what about his 86 interceptions and 36 fumbles lost, giving him a hideous 122 turnovers!

See the problem is that there are still people blinded by Culpepper’s 39 touchdown, 4,700 yard season. The reality is that he was highly overrated before the knee injury, and now he’s much worse. The guy can’t move. That leaves him almost nothing to offer an NFL team. So I repeat, why the interest in Daunte Culpepper?

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