Lindsey Vonn’s ex-husband jokes that he ratted out Tiger Woods

The tweet of the weekend definitely goes to Lindsey Vonn’s ex-husband Thomas, who joked that he was the one who called the Masters to rat out Tiger Woods for taking an improper drop on the 15th hole Friday.

Here’s what Thomas Vonn tweeted on Saturday:

Thomas VonnThomas’ tweet links to a Yahoo! Sports article that notes it was a fan watching on TV who called the Masters to report Tiger’s drop violation, which later resulted in a two-shot penalty.

Thomas and Lindsey married in 2007 and announced plans to divorce late in 2011. Before their divorce finalized in January, rumors, which were later confirmed, said Lindsey was dating Tiger Woods.

Thomas Vonn used to serve as Lindsey’s ski coach. Now he settles for zinging her and her boyfriend with awesome jokes.

Photos: Lindsey Vonn watching Tiger Woods at the Masters

Photo: Twitter/Thomas Vonn

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  • Scott Kinney

    If your ex broad chose someone else over you respect game PIMP and move on. Don’t hate congratulate! If your game wasn’t tight enough to keep her your the problem not her or the new dude she’s with. You look like a real B.I. when you chime in on something you obviously know little about. Players Play, Ballers Ball & Haters Hate. Stop it.

  • Mike Konyndyk

    Gosh Scott K. you sure sound like a real hip dude. Go Tiger!