Source: Floyd Mayweather robbed night of fight, set up by girlfriend Princess Love

Floyd Mayweather Queen Princess Love

Remember last week when we told you that one of Floyd Mayweather’s side girlfriends, Princess Love, was cheating on the boxer with Ray J? And remember how we showed you that Floyd sent a nasty subliminal Instagram message her way in which he likened her to trash? Well it turns out there is much more to the story that explains the falling out.

A connected source tells Larry Brown Sports that one of Mayweather’s homes was robbed the night of his Sept. 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez. Our source says about eight Rolex watches, close to $10,000 cash, and some other items were stolen from the home. Mayweather owns multiple properties in the Las Vegas area, and we’re told the home that was robbed is where Princess Love was staying.

Princess Love apparently tried pinning the burglary on one of her friends, but Floyd got in contact with that woman. The woman spilled to Floyd that Princess organized the robbery. She also apparently told Floyd that Princess was having an affair with Ray J, which is the first Mayweather learned of the relationship.

How did the woman know about Princess and Ray J hooking up? We’re told she was with Princess in Miami a few months ago, which is when Princess and Ray J began sleeping together.

You may recall that Princess said on her Instagram account that she was in Miami in June:

Princess Love Miami

“Love my life and my friends #LIVELaughLove #Miami #BeachDay” she captioned that photo on June 5.

And then there was this photo she shared on Instagram from her Miami trip. Take note of the bikini:

Princess Love bikini Miami

Look familiar? It’s the same suit she was wearing in this photo with her and Ray J:

Queen Princess Love Ray J

Keep in mind that Ray J claims to be a part of “The Money Team” and even promoted Princess on his Instagram account back in August:

Princess Love Instagram

“Follow the fam @queenprincesslove #TmT” Ray J captioned that photo.

If Princess Love had the number one spot among all the women on “The Money Team,” why would she be motivated to jeopardize that spot by robbing Floyd? It’s believed that Mayweather puts the women who work with him on contract, and part of the agreement is that the jewelry (and we’re assuming all gifts in general) are returned to him once the relationship ends. That might also explain why 50 Cent termed all the lavish gifts Princess Love shared on Instagram “repo” items.

According to a source, this might not be the first time Princess Love has done something like this. We’re told that years ago, she had a boyfriend who stashed large amounts of cash at her home, and that money went missing.

This is just another reminder that you can never be too careful, especially when you’ve reached the stature of someone like Mayweather.

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    Floyd robbed all of us of $75 on fight night. She just got her refund money back! LMAO!

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    Exactly! Pacquiao vs Gayweather needs to happen or FRAUD GAYWEATHER ain’t selling no more WOLF TICKETS. The public has caught on to his boring bullshit Olympic points touching “fights”.

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    Simp things happen to simp ni@@as

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    If its just touches then why are his opponents heads flying from side to side and sweat splashing the audience. Oh I get it. Its just special effects. Also if its just touching then why do they always say “He hits harder than you think.” And if its just touching then why do his opponents get scared to throw punches?

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    Paying for pussy. Dam shame. Negro got ZERO GAME. Somewhere out there Too Short is thinking, “You can’t buy love, all pimps know that!”

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    So you say you got robbed of a mere $70/$75 dollars? Well stop trying to act like a baller with your broke *** and wait until they show it the week after the fight. Didnt hear you crying when you bought tlyour lastest lair of pa ts that look like you got from Dollar General. ….

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    with a has been actor, lousy rapper. how many of ray j’s songs hit top ten? his claim to fame is being the highway killer’s brother.oh’ and making a video with another cunt, kim k.