Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin?

By now we all know that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are no more.  However, she apparently has enjoyed the NFL life enough that she wants to remain connected.  According to Sports by Brooks, the National Enquirer has a story that has not yet hit the internet which reveals that Kardashian could be dating Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin.  The report claims she invited Austin to Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night and, although they didn’t sit together, the two later had dinner together at a restaurant in LA.  Here’s an excerpt from the Enquirer, courtesy of Sports by Brooks:

Kim’s carving out more time in her schedule to be with Miles, and she’s telling those close to her that he’s ‘the one.’ Her mom, Kris, is hoping Miles is the right guy as well. Kim turns 30 in October, and her mother is pushing for her to get married and start a family before too long.”

Get out while you can, Miles.  This family loves the concept of marriage and loves rushing into it.  Kim and Reggie had talked about marriage a couple of times before, and look how that ended up.  Unless she was cheating on Bush for quite some time, she and Austin can’t have been dating for more than a couple months at most.  They probably need some new cast members for their obnoxious show.  Hey, at least the Cowboys receiver can rest assured that Giants, Eagles, and Redskins fans won’t be chanting “ugly sister” at him when he’s playing on the road.

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Enquirer: Kim Kardashian Now Dating Miles Austin [Sports by Brooks]

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  • johnny jihadist

    so is right now when everyone is supposed to act like they know who miles austin is???

    nobody has EVER heard of this guy or his QB, and that’s a fact

    i have no problem with the media wanting SO BADLY for the cowboys to be relevant…they’re a big draw and they’re “good for business”…but PLEASE stop acting like everything they do is a story until they start winning games that matter again…that just isn’t going to happen until they sign some players who aren’t complete NO-NAMES

  • sillybilly

    Wow, the Cowboys are this desperate for attention. Miles actually appeared to look like a smart guy. I would think some idiot like Owens would only be dumb enough to sleep with her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sweet.sana.khan Sana Khan

    Kim Kardashian was born in October 21, 1980 in an American family. She is a television personality, actress, model, and recording artist.

    I love Kim Kardashian.