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Monday, June 25, 2018

Married Women Prefer to Have Affair with Eli Manning over Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the golden boy quarterback who has the good looks to complement his supreme talents on the football field. He was able to land supermodel Gisele Bundchen as his wife, resulting in most of the male population in the country dying to trade places with him. Despite what he has to offer, married women say they’d prefer to have an affair with Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

56% of women polled on the Ashley Madison website say they’d rather have an affair with Eli because of his “boy next door” looks. They say Eli would be less of a hot head, and believe he’d be easier to relate to.

There was also a homefield advantage for each quarterback: 86% of New York women stood by Eli, while 97% of Boston women chose Brady.

This poll is pretty hard to believe. Who are these ladies that defy conventional logic by choosing Eli? Or does cheating on your husband do something strange to one’s mind?

I’d like to hear from the ladies which quarterback they’d choose.

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