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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My Encounter with Pamela Anderson

So one of the cool things about working for the Premiere Radio Networks in Los Angeles is getting to see some of the guests that show up around the building. One such guest was none other than The Pamela Anderson, who was appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to talk about her involvement in PETA on Monday night.

And damn, let me tell you, at 39 years old, she still looks spectacular. Matter of fact, imagine a blond Jessica Rabbit, and that’s Pamela Anderson. Her body is freaky — cartoon-like. She has an amazingly tiny waist, beautiful face, and well, damn, I don’t need to tell you the rest, you already know.

So of course I had to get a couple of words in with the fine lady, namely, about her involvement with the Pepperdine baseball team, and how she’s responsible for my short-lived internet fame. I don’t think any of that mattered to her. Actually, I know none of that mattered to her. But she still was nice and kind enough to indulge me. She mentioned how happy she was that there was a positive article written about her and her involvement in the community, not unlike her support of the gymnast Mohini. Pam seemed genuinely generous (how’s that for alliteration and assonance!), talking about how she had the Pepperdine team over for a party — wow. She was truly awesome, with her demeanor as sweet as her looks.

She was also there all cuddly with a dude, who introduced himself as David, and said he was the long snapper for the Chargers. With the slightest bit of research, I found out that it was David Binn, a man to whom Pamela has been romantically linked in the past. He was equally nice and chill as Pamela, and the two seemed quite happy together. Before sledding off in their rig for the night, I asked if I could swing an interview for this here site. The response: sure, I’ll be at the Pepperdine game on Wednesday.

My silent answer: so will I.

UPDATE: Via The Feed, the NY Daily News says Binn is Anderson’s boyfriend

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