Daniel Sedin Guarantees Game 7 Win for Canucks in Stanley Cup Final

Vancouver Canucks winger Daniel Sedin has guaranteed his team will win the decisive Game 7 against the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup Wednesday. Yes, try to hold back your Ace Ventura muttering laugh over that one. Daniel believes Vancouver’s home ice advantage will be the deciding factor in Game 7.

“We’re 3-3 and we won all three games at home and we have the fourth game at home,” Sedin said after losing Monday. “So we have the seventh game at home and we’ll take that. We are confident.”

Sedin then repeated his guarantee a second time saying “We lose as a team and win as a team and we’re going to win Game 7.”

During our time at LBS, several athletes have made guarantees. With the exception of Tim Thomas’ guarantee the Bruins would win the Eastern Conference Finals, most guarantees end up flopping.

You have to admire Daniel’s confidence in his team, but you also have to wonder if he just wasn’t a bit woozy from being punched in the head six times by Brad Marchand. All I know is I didn’t grow my beard for two months (seriously, this thing is out of hand) to see the Bruins lose in Game 7.

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  • Gene

    Sedin is home and his team is favored, so the risk on his “guarantee” is not quite up to that of Joe Namath’s when he guaranteed his “18 points or so” underdog New York Jets would knock off the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

  • Anonymous

    I only hope that the Bruins come out and decide to play hockey in Vancouver like they did ot Boston.  The Canucks may have had the best record this year, but they can be had look what Chicago did.  I live in Seattle and have been a hockey fan since 1967 and my dislike for the Canucks started when they were in the old Western Hockey League and played the Seattle Totems (who by the way have won the Stanley Cup).  The media has played up the Canucks just like did the Miami Heat (glad they lost also) and I am not a Canucks fan just because they are from the west coast.  GO BRUINS

  • http://www.facebook.com/teri.d.springer Teri Donovan Springer

    Too bad Daniel and his brother left it in the locker room.  Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash, Daniel.

    Mark Messier you ain’t.