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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Good Thing for Ryan O’Byrne Hockey Isn’t Played in Colombia

Man, you know that great feeling when you do something for the first time after working on it for years? Run a mile in under six minutes, nail that hot chick from the office, knock out a 20-pound hamburger? Or how about finally scoring your first goal of the year, 17 games into the new NHL season? That has to be a great feeling for a hockey player. Unless of course, you scored the goal on your own net like Ryan O’Byrne did …

Yes, the team had pulled the goalie to get a sixth attacker out their because of a delayed penalty, and O’Byrne scored the game-tying goal on his own net. And his Canadiens went on to lose 4-3 in a shootout to the Islanders. Ordinarily I’d have some sympathy for the poor fellow but I’m a Bruins fan and of course could not be more delighted. The only thing positive I have to say is good thing for O’Byrne hockey isn’t played in Colombia.

(vid via Ballhype)

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