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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Steve Ott tries to lick Jeff Halpern’s visor before face-off (Video)

Steve-Ott-lickBuffalo Sabres center Steve Ott is known for doing some pretty strange things, and he added to that reputation on Thursday night. Before a face-off against the Montreal Canadiens, Ott tried to lick Montreal’s Jeff Halpern’s visor.

Is that his idea of trying to gain an advantage? If I was Halpern, it would probably work. It’s one thing for a guy to try to get in your head by talking trash or jabbing at you, but that’s just plain creepy.

As Puck Daddy pointed out, there was also an incident a while back when Ott blew a kiss at Dion Phaneuf as he was heading to the penalty box. Ott and Halpern did play together for two seasons with the Dallas Stars, so perhaps this is some sort of inside joke between the two that we don’t understand. That’s probably for the best.

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