CBS Houston pulls story asking if Thunder cheerleader is too chunky


Earlier this week, CBS Houston writer Claire Crawford wrote a story that raised the question of whether or not one of the Oklahoma City Thunder dancers is “too chunky” to be a cheerleader. The entire story is posted above, and you can read it by clicking each section to enlarge the image.

“We are not trying to be ugly,” Crawford wrote. “We are just discussing what men like in women, specifically NBA cheerleaders.”

Even if men do prefer a specific body type when it comes to cheerleaders, embarrassing the young lady seems totally out of line. CBS Houston probably realized that, which is why the story has been pulled.

The story even ended with a poll question asking readers if they felt she was perfect for the job, could use some “tightening” up, or has “no business” wearing a cheerleading outfit in front of that many people.

Crawford’s real-life name reportedly is Anna-Megan Raley. Her Twitter accounts under her pseudonym and real name have been deleted, and an archive of her posts on CBS Houston have been wiped out for the most part.

The cheerleader who was targeted by the attack, Kelsey Williams, responded to the criticism over Twitter:

Just a couple months ago, we learned the story of a Green Bay Packers cheerleader who took a stand against cyber bullying after reading all the nasty things that were written about her on Facebook. Fans are always going to be ruthless, but there’s no excuse for the media to perpetuate stereotypes and basically highlight a cheerleader who some may consider to not fit the “cheerleading prototype.” I don’t see how anyone thought this article was worth posting.

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  • kb7032

    Is this really a sports story? It is a woman criticizing another woman. Nothing new with this story. Listen around any office and the same will be heard.

  • Diana Hammock

    Maybe so, but it was incredibly poor taste for the story to be run in a supposedly credible paper.

  • steveg

    Nothing wrong with her, she is just different from the rest. Nice to see some curves for a change. Most of the cheerleaders have identical bodies, only the heads are different. Gets boring.

  • Melissa Perez

    She’s fine – she’s not fat or chunky. She’s a normal woman. Too bad this reporter had to be catty, along with all those other people who are criticizing her body. She’s a beautiful girl and women just need to stop trying to make other women feel the need to be Barbie. Sheesh

  • TheMokoda

    To answer the question, NO. Unless you’re one of those men who have gotten drunk on the ‘skinnier is somehow better’ kool-aid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marvin.washington.566 Marvin Washington

    I would like to see the woman that post this story, me myself I like woman with size.,skinny woman is like hugging a bag of bone’s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brennerjoshua Josh Brenner

    Whats wrong with a few curves on a woman? I think she is sexy.

  • Garrett

    She doesn’t even look fat or overweight. What’s the woman’s deal that wrote this? Is she a hardcore fitness fanatic weightlifter that only eats celery? She looks fit in her “before” photo, and it probably wouldn’t take much for her to get back to that if she even wanted to.

    P.S. I’d hit it.

  • Deanna

    I think it’s funny with how out of context the authors words were taken! She is talking about the cheerleader looking great, and that she is getting looked down on for being thicker than other cheerleaders but in the end the author said she looks great. I think she looks beautiful and I’d just like to point out the fact that the author said the same thing!!