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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Charles Barkley Goes Off on Anti-Blog Rant Over Cam Newton Tickets Story

TNT analyst Charles Barkley is a loudmouth media personality who’s not afraid to speak his mind, when he’s not getting DUIs or flipping people off on camera. Most of his rants are outrageous but funny enough for people to forget how little sense they make, like his inane argument about the Miami Heat. Chuck took some time on Thursday night to call out issues that had been bothering him.

As CBS’ Ben Golliver captured and transcribed, Barkley ranted about Tucker Carlson’s bow tie execute Mike Vick comment, and he railed on a mysterious “blog” for false and misleading reporting regarding the rumor that Barkley hooked Auburn quarterback Cam Newton up with nice tickets to the Suns-Lakers game on Wednesday. Here’s three minutes of that if you want a taste:

Tucker’s bow tie aside, Barkley is way off base with his blog rant. If he actually read the thing, which you know would be nice for some fact checking before he lashed out, he would realize there’s nothing about which he should be upset. If the “blog” to which he’s referring is this post at SPORTSbyBROOKS, he’d realize Brooks only posed the question many people had been wondering, provided information, and concluded Barkley did not break any rules. There was nothing at all harmful about the post, but of course Barkley doesn’t know that because he didn’t read it, which makes him just as bad as anyone else who tosses around rumors without fact-checking first.

And let’s be real — Cam Newton’s reputation isn’t exactly squeaky clean, and we know Barkley doesn’t give a crap about NCAA rules, so it’s hard not to have suspicions raised. Checking into the story — what Brooks did — is completely warranted. Making unfounded accusations is not, and to the best of my knowledge that never happened. Once again, Chuckles the clown loses.

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