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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bob Costas has pink eye and is wearing glasses in Sochi

Bob Costas eye

If you saw Bob Costas doing Olympics work on NBC at all Thursday, your first question probably was “what the heck is up with Bob Costas’ eye?” and why is he wearing glasses?

Turns out that the veteran broadcaster developed an eye infection that prevented him from putting in contact lenses, which is why he’s wearing glasses.

Costas’ assistant explained what was going on in an email to Deadspin:

Yes, Bob has some sort of infection which has his left eye completely red and almost completely closed, making it impossible to put a contact lens in it. It just came on within the last 24 hours, the NBC doctors in Sochi are treating it, and they think it should resolve itself by the weekend. Until then, he has no choice but to go with the glasses on air.

Thanks for checking with us.

Sounds like Costas didn’t listen to the warning and washed his face using the disgusting water in Sochi:

The good news is Costas’ case of pink eye gives us a great meme. Here he is as the Terminator:

And here he is with the crew from “Knocked Up”, also created by @Nick_Pants:

Now that is how you get pink eye!

Too bad for Costas this happened during his most visible time of the year. Seriously, the Olympics are two weeks every two years, and he gets pink eye right before it. Hopefully he gets better in a few days.

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