Mike Francesa shocked soccer players kick with both legs (Video)

Mike FrancesaMike Francesa obviously does not know the first thing about soccer. With the NBA and NHL seasons having ended and the MLB season not even halfway through, the World Cup has been dominating the sports discussion. If his Tuesday conversation with the St. John’s men’s soccer coach is any indication, Francesa is more qualified to talk about cricket than the beautiful game.

Francesa got sidetracked while chatting with Dave Masur when he learned that soccer players are able to kick with both legs.

“I saw a guy make a winning kick with a lefty kick. Are there guys who kick with both legs?” Francesa asked. “Oh they do, huh? Wow. You mean there’s not a strong leg? They kick with both legs, huh?”

Masur went on to kindly explain that some players have a leg that is slightly more dominant, but all collegiate and professional players use both legs effectively.

“Wow,” an amazed Francesa replied. “There’s not a power leg — they each use both legs huh? So even your righty has to be able to kick with his left leg then, huh? … So everybody kicks with both legs, OK.”

It almost seemed like Francesa was patronizing Masur and exaggerating about how little he knew. You don’t have to watch much soccer on TV to know that players kick with both legs. That’s like asking if swimmers use both arms. Nice work, Mike.

Video via The Big Lead

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  • extollo

    “It almost seemed like Francesa was patronizing Masur and exaggerating about how little he knew”. I think this is exactly what he was doing. It was his way of trivializing the sport. However, I do remember him holding on to the completely illogical side of arguments with Russo, so there’s that.